Gardeners from all walks of life will find what they need at Kelly Seed. As the largest supplier of bulk garden seed in Central Illinois, we carry an extensive array of annuals and perennials, vegetables and herbs. You’ll love our large selection, as well as our prices; our bulk seed is just a fraction of the price compared to packaged seed.

All seed is non-GMO (not genetically modified,) with heirloom varieties that can be collected, saved and used again year after year. We specialize in vegetables here at Kelly’s. Although you’ll find the common varieties you need to grow your garden staples, we are proud to offer vegetable seeds seldom found elsewhere in the area; some varieties are even grown especially for us.


You can’t buy from anyone who knows more about ag than the experts here at Kelly Seed. Not only have we been selling higher grade, higher quality ag seed for more than 100 years; our staff hold degrees in agriculture so you can count on their expertise and buy with confidence. We carry not only the newest and best varieties, with a specialty in small seeds, but also those “tried-and-true” varieties that farmers rely on year after year.

With a complete line of alfalfas, clovers, pasture mixes, waterway mixes, and lawn mixes, Kelly’s can take care of the Central Illinois farmer and the homeowner alike. Our late family patriarch and store owner, Harold Church, always said, “You can’t sell out of an empty wagon.” That’s why 95 percent of the seed listed in our catalog is in our warehouse, available for planting.

We buy directly from the producing areas in the western U.S. to provide you the lowest price. Great value is about more than just price, though, so we never compromise on quality. Everything we sell is high-purity and high-germ to give you the best chance at achieving a good stand.


Competitive in quantity and in price, what sets Kelly Seed turf seed apart from the rest is that we’re with you every step of the way. We offer the latest varieties, as well as custom-blended seed for your specific application, from park districts and municipalities to athletic fields or a new back yard. We’ll be here to help you maintain your turf for seasons to come, helping you decide what to purchase based on your needs and offering application advice.


It’s proven—birds prefer Kelly Seed’s bird seeds. How do we know? They never kick it out of the feeder like the cheap stuff. We created a custom, filler-free recipe for our deluxe wild bird mix to ensure consistent quality. And because we have semi-trailer loads coming in every couple of weeks, our seed is always fresh and plump — never dried out from sitting in a warehouse. We offer a variety of blends, many of which are mixed on-site, to attract diverse bird populations.

You’ll also love our large selection of bird feeders purchased at direct prices. In fact, many of our competitors’ sale prices are higher than our everyday prices. We have everything you need to help make your lawn a bird sanctuary: feeders, bird houses, bird baths, fountains, garden statuary, and nesting materials.

Food Plot

Whether you want a food plot for nutritional purposes or to attract deer during hunting season, we’ll provide the help you need. Count on Kelly Seed for lime, fertilizer, seed and other materials, as well as advice on soil and moisture, creation and caring for your food plot.

Why pay for a name brand? At Kelly’s, we hunt, so we know what makes a good food plot. We have everything you need for deer hunting, upland game bird hunting, dove hunting, turkey hunting, and duck hunting.