• Improved winter growth
  • Extended grazing potential during colder months
  • Superior growth
  • Early and vigorous flowering
  • Disease resistant

Crusade white clover is the result of a breeding program that has taken the best traits of the traditional Haifa variety and combined them with improved winter activity qualities. Therefore, it can introduce added benefits in plant productivity and health to temperate regions where winter-active white clovers are desired.

To develop this variety, selections were made from plants displaying superior growth in winter, autumn and spring. Other traits selected in the development of Crusade were dark green leaves, early and vigorous flowering, and high seed yield. A strong emphasis was also placed on freedom from virus and disease symptoms, and strong recovery from cutting, grazing and moisture stress.

Crusade is a vigorous, winter-active variety of white clover. Leaflets are similar in appearance to Haifa, but can have a darker green appearance with fewer leaf markings. Crusade is slightly earlier in flowering than regular Haifa. Because of its winter-active characteristic, Crusade will provide grazing during the colder months in regions experiencing mild, moist winter conditions.