• High yielding warm season annual forage grass variety
  • Excellent palatability and forage quality
  • Ideal for horses and other livestock
  • Great for use as an emergency forage crop and for double cropping
  • Good for interseeding thin alfalfa stands in final year of production
  • Excellent rotational crop when replacing alfalfa or perennial grass stands
  • Can be used as a green manure crop and for erosion control
  • Plant after all risk of frost has passed

Dessie Teff is a warm season annual grass variety developed for high forage production and forage quality without the problems of other summer annual grasses such as prussic acid or nitrate buildup. Dessie makes the ideal horse hay with great palatability, digestibility, a mineral content high in calcium and iron and an attractive green color which is important for the premium horse hay market. Dessie is widely adapted throughout the United States and will tolerate drought conditions as well as wet soils. Dessie is a low input crop that has very few disease or pest problems and does not require high amounts of fertilizer for optimum production. Remember, for profitable summer forage production, Dessie is the answer.