• Up to 20% increase in digestibility
  • Significant increase in palatability
  • Dry stalk gene improves harvest timing
  • Multiple uses: hay, grazing, greenchop and silage

FSG 214 BMR6 is an exceptional quality hybrid sorghum-sudangrass with excellent early vigor and high yield potential. The dry stalk gene improves dry-down and normally shows 8-10% lower moisture in the boot stage. FSG 214 BMR6 tillers profusely, producing fine sweet stems for high palatability.

This hybrid shows an increase of up to 20% in digestibility due to the reduction in lignin with the BMR6 gene, providing increased daily gains in milk and beef production. When compared to BMR sudangrass hybrids, FSG 214 BMR6 is more economical to plant, produces more dry matter yield, has similar stem size and higher overall quality.