• High yielding, endophyte free
  • Superior summer regrowth
  • High grazing preference due to sugar content
  • Great for winter stockpiling
  • Excellent persistence and drought tolerance
  • Wide area of adaptation

FSG 402TF is an endophyte free, medium maturing tall fescue variety which eliminates concerns about fescue foot, bovine fat necrosis and fescue toxicosis in cattle.

Two characteristics make FSG 402TF stand apart from other tall fescues; summer regrowth and disease resistance. Summer regrowth exceeds that of KY-31, Fawn and Max Q when averaged over all trial locations. This indicates better forage distribution throughout the growing season, reducing the summer slump that cool season grasses normally experience. Stem and Crown Rust data from FFR trials indicate FSG 402TF has significantly higher resistance to both diseases when compared to other commercial and experimental varieties.

With excellent summer regrowth, superior disease resistance, high forage yield potential and a wide area of adaptation, FSG 402TF will easily outperform other currently available tall fescue varieties.