• Developed specifically for game birds
  • Resistant to sparrows and blackbirds during milk stage
  • Grain is resistant to weather deterioration

Wildlife Grain Sorghum was specifically developed as a fall and winter food source for upland game birds (quail, turkey, pheasant and prairie chicken) and migratory birds (ducks, geese and doves). Unlike many conventional grain sorghum hybrids, Wildlife Grain Sorghum imparts a bitter grain taste to predatory birds (sparrows, blackbirds, starlings, etc.) during the milk and dough stages of development. The bitter taste disappears when the seed reaches maturity.

Wildlife Grain Sorghum is a heavy seed producing, early maturing (50-55 days to mid-bloom) variety which has early planting cold tolerance and excellent tillering for greater variation of grain maturity. Plant height is 35 to 40 inches for easy hunting. The white seed color is only in the pericarp layer of the seed and acts as a mold and rotting repellant for the grain during exposure to winter weather conditions. In addition to providing a non-weathering and non-rotting winter food source, the foliage provides an excellent source of beneficial cover for birds.

Wildlife Grain Sorghum is not meant for commercial grain production due to high tannin content.