• Early-Medium Maturity
  • Selected for seedling vigor
  • Excellent foliar disease resistance
  • Quick recovery
  • Great forage yield potential
  • Excellent Color
  • Improved stand persistence

FSG 506OG is an early-medium maturing orchardgrass that is an excellent choice for hay, silage and pasture. This variety was selected for its improved seedling vigor, high yield potential and excellent disease resistance. FSG 506OG is ideal for planting as a straight product or in mixes with other grasses and legumes.


  • Superior vigor
  • Winterhardy
  • Persistent
  • Outstanding dry matter yields
  • Highly resistant to foliage diseases
  • Excellent seed quality
  • Quick recovery after cutting
  • Highly palatable
  • Developed by Cornell University

Achieve higher yields throughout the season with Peak smooth bromegrass,an improved and proven product from Farm Science Genetics. Developed by Cornell University, this cool-season hay and pasture forage grass is designed for use in combination with other grasses and legumes.

Developed specifically for persistence and yield, Peak features superior vigor, good winterhardiness, foliage disease resistance and excellent seed quality. Growing 20 to 40 inches tall, Peak smooth bromegrass produces high dry matter yields, recovers quickly after cutting and is highly palatable to livestock.